February 23, 2018, 12:13 PM

The Sower of the Word

The Sower of the Word

In the book of Mark chapter 4, we see Jesus giving a Parable of a Sower of the Word. He uses a Farmer in the parable to get His message across to those listening to His words. He explains the parable in Mark 4:10 thru Mark 4:20 to the Disciples so they would understand the parable of the sower and other parables.

Like the Disciples we don’t understand the word from time to time, only with the Holy Spirit can we get the picture the words of God it trying to speak to our hearts. When we speak to someone of the Way of God with the Word of God, some to the same thing happens to us and them as described in Mark 4: 10 thru 20.

Those by the Way Side: In this these people hear the word and agree with what they hear, but Satan comes in and takes the word form them. Satan is always ready and willing to test us as soon as he sees us move to God.

Those by Stoney Ground: These peoples accept the Word of God, but without a good foundation they can’t stand up to Satan and the winds of Satan blows them away.

Those by those among Thorns: These peoples let the ways of the world pull them away from God’s Word and are choked without a way to grow in God.

Those with Good Ground: These people have a great foundation with strong roots. These people can stand up to the wiles of Satan, they can stand up to the World pulling them away from God, and they can stand up to the test by Satan. These people will be strong for God Day in and Day out.

With these words in Mark 4:10-20, God tells us that there are pitfalls for those that teach the way of God to others, using the word of God or by our convection to stay true to the beliefs of God by what we do and say.

Remember don’t just read the Bible, Study It.

May God Bless you this day.

By: Roger Dale Lampley

Deacon McCombs Baptist Church


02-26-2018 at 6:13 AM
Tony Mobley
Throughout the Scriptures we see references to roots and foundations that are speaking to our strength and ability to stand firm in Gods word in the storms that will come to our lives.
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